Privacy Policy

1.Regarding the handling of personal information and purpose of use

Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd. and companies affiliated with Agora Hospitalities Co. Ltd. via Agora Hotel Alliance (hereafter "The Company" or "Alliance") will use personal information for the following purposes.Note, however, this does not apply when use is permitted by relevant laws.

  • The Company and Alliance manage information gathered by each membership service and use said information for the purpose of providing services to members.
  • Information is used for confirmation and notification related to transactions, shipment of goods, payment of fees, account rectification, and other related matters.
  • Information may be used by The Company and Alliance for contact via telephone, facsimile, mail, parcel delivery, e-mail, or other means for the purpose of notification, advertisement, questionnaire, etc.
  • Contact may also be made by restaurants, shops, and offices operating under the authority and within the premises of The Company and Alliance, hereafter "Tenants etc.".
  • Information may also be used by The Company and Alliance for the purpose of statistical analysis of usage patterns with the goal of improving service and developing new offerings.
  • Other: In the event personal information is used for purposes other than those outlined above, the customer will be notified and informed of the purpose, contents, and handling of said information. Regarding provision of information to third parties, we may provide information to third parties. In such cases, the amount of information provided will not exceed that which is required.

2.Regarding the consignment of personal information

  • (1) Scope of shared information
    • (a)Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd. and companies affiliated with Agora Hospitalities Co. Ltd. via Agora Hotel Alliance.
  • (2)Purpose of usage
    • (a)For responding to customer inquires and recording information related to the use of accommodation services provided by Agora Hotel Alliance and affiliated companies.
    • (b)In addition, Agora Hotel Alliance and its affiliates may contact guests with questionnaire requests for the purpose of gaining information to help with improving the quality of our accommodation and related services.
  • (3)Shared personal information
    When contacting Agora Hospitalities and companies affiliated with the Agora Hotel Alliance, you agree that Agora Hotel Alliance and affiliated members will, for the purpose of providing accommodation services and for related communication, keep personal information records including customer name, address, telephone number, etc.

3.Regarding the consignment of personal information

The Company may entrust the handling of acquired personal information to a third party for use within the range outlined in this document.

4.Regarding disclosure of personal information

Prompt attention will be given when there is a request for notification, disclosure, correction, addition to, deletion of, usage, or suspension of use of personal information.

5.Personal information options

Submission of this agreement is not required, however, without it services outlined in the purpose of use section may be negatively impacted.

6.Contact information for personal information protection and administration officer

Personal information protection manager: Chiu Wing Kwan Winnie
Contact point for inquiries regarding personal information Agora Hospitalities Co., Ltd.Toranomon Dai 2 Waiko Bldg.
7F 5-2-6 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 JAPAN

<The hotels or management companies affiliated of Agora Hotel Alliance, etc.>

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  • Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa (Agora Hotel Management Tokyo Co., Ltd.)
  • ONE@Tokyo (Tokyo East Hotel Management G.K.)
  • TSUKI Tokyo (AYERS Hospitality LLC.)
  • Agora Kyoto Shijo (S Hotel Operations Shijo LLC)
  • Agora Kyoto Karasuma (S Hotel Operations Shijo LLC)
  • Hotel Agora Regency Osaka Sakai (Agora Hotel Management Sakai Co., Ltd.)
  • Hotel Agora Osaka Moriguchi (Agora Hotel Management Osaka Co., Ltd.)
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