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【AGORA PLACE ASAKUSA】Experience RAKUGO in English for Free! Starting from Oct 31st, 2017

 Rakugo, a form of Japanese oratory entertainment, developed during the Edo era. In the middle to end of Edo era, a structure for Rakugo performances, called Yose, was built in various places in Japan. There are still a few Yose left in Tokyo where Rakugo performances can been seen every day. Performers usually play two or more characters using only body gestures and facial expressions, and the story always ends with a punch line called ochi (fall, drop).
■ Press Release: 【AGORA PLACE ASAKUSA】Experience RAKUGO in English for Free! Starting from Oct 31st, 2017

 Tokyo, October 6th 2017 – AGORA Hotel Alliance member, AGORA PLACE ASAKUSA (Address: 2-2-9 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0042, General Manager: Toshiki Sakaguchi, Room: 145) will hold a new event “Rakugo – Japanese Traditional Narrative Art –”, through which guests are able to enjoy the traditional Japanese are of Rakugo in English, every last Tuesday of the month starting from October 31st, 2017.

〈Background and Aims of the event〉
Asakusa is a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo for both Japanese and inbound guests. About 75% of our hotel guests are from overseas. Thus far, we have produced unique accommodation plans including experiences such as Edo Kiriko Glass Cutting Experience and Kimono Experience, as Japanese Cultural Experiences series, with the hope that all of our guests can enjoy and truly experience Japan.
This time, as we hope more guests are able to experience this series, we have decided to hold a monthly Rakugo event in English, one of the Japanese traditional arts that has been around since the Edo era.

〈Rakugo Performer〉
Performing for us will be Kanariya Eiraku, who participated in Rakugo Tatekawa-ryu in the past, one of the largest Rakugo groups. He started English Rakugo influenced by 2nd Katsura Shijaku and now presides over the Canary English Rakugo School. He states, “Through this event, as well as Kabuki and Japanese dance, I want more people to know and experience Rakugo, a form of traditional Japanese verbal entertainment.”
Performance will be in English and will include some popular Japanese stories.

〈RAKUGO – Japanese Traditional Narrative Art –〉
Date: Every last Tuesday of the month
   Starting from October 31st, 2017
Time: 1:00pm – 1:40pm (2 performances)
Place: Public Space on 2nd floor, AGORA PLACE ASAKUSA
Performer: Mr. Kanariya Eiraku
※Performance stories will be different each time
※Free admission for all guests

- For Inquiries from Guests -
TEL: +81-3-3842-8421
2-2-9 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0042